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Lou Yangsheng unveiled the 6 newly established provincial management enterprises
Time: 2022-03-14 Source: Henan Daily

Lou Yangsheng unveiled 6 newly established provincial management enterprises

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Wang Kai attended

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  March 13,6 newly established provincial management enterprises to unveiling in Zhengzhou,This is after the release of the provincial railway construction at the end of last year,Our province promotes the strategic layout of state -owned assets、Another major event for the specialized reorganization of state -owned enterprises。Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng attended and spoke,Governor Wang Kai attended。

Lou Yangsheng is the newly formed Henan Transportation Investment Group、Henan Provincial Cultural Tourism Investment Group、Henan Zhongyu International Port Group、Henan Zhongyu Construction Investment Group、Yuxin Electronic Technology Group、Henan Zhongyu Credit Improvement Company, 6 provincial management enterprises, etc.。

Lou Yangsheng represents the provincial party committee and the provincial government congratulations on the unveiling operation of the newly established provincial management dafabet app downloadenterprise。He pointed out,The Provincial Party Committee has thoroughly implemented the important discussion of General Secretary Jinping's reform and development of state -owned enterprises,The reform of state -owned enterprises will be deepened、Optimized the layout of state -owned enterprises as a major event related to modernization of Henan,Efforts to create a high -quality development backbone force。The newly formed 6 companies are in important industries and key areas,A major responsibility、Glory of Mission。If you do not liberate heavy trust、Live Hope,Seek development with reform,Innovative vitality,Open and create an advantage,Continuous enhancement of competitiveness、Control force、Control force、Influence、Anti -risk ability,Efforts to be a good army、Become the pillar of the pillar。

One to anchor first -class target,A new mission in serving the construction of Henan in modernization。Tree consciousness to build domestic and international first -class enterprises,Scientific formulation of strategic planning for enterprise development,Being a big vision、Advanced concept、The direction is correct、Clear path,Persist in steady words、Seeking steadily,Keep a strong aggressive spirit、Opportunity consciousness,Grasp the new project,Breakthrough new technology,Realize new development,Hope to be down -to -earth、Going towards the whole country、Towards the world,Yong Dang modernization of Henan construction pioneer。

Second, the general development trend,Showing a new actions on seizing the mid -to -high -end key ring。Actively advance to "New Circuit"、Dare to grab the beach "New Blue Ocean",Play the leading role in focusing on the breakthrough of the "Six New",Implement the development for the dafabet online sports betting"Top Ten Strategy"。Traffic Investment Group must focus on promoting the construction of a modern comprehensive transportation system to accelerate the construction,Help the advantages of transportation location to the economic advantage of the hub。Cultural Tourism Investment Group must give full play to investment and financing、Operation Management、Comprehensive development function,Promoting Literary Travel Culture and Creation becomes an important pillar industry。Zhongyu International Port Group must focus on "four road collaboration",Integrated to concentrate relevant resource assets in the province,攥、connected to the network,Promote the province's land port、Hegang operation integrated development。Zhongyu Construction Investment Group must be based on the provincial "large construction industry" positioning,Strengthen foreign cooperation,Making a big market share,In deepening the central land cooperation、Create a demonstration on the development community。Yuxin Electronic Technology Group must keep up with the pace of the times,Exception after full play,Growing the digital core industry、Constructing the digital industry ecology、Improve digital governance ability,Drive the digital transformation of our province。Zhongyu Credit Promotion Company must make good use of the market "invisible hand",Help solve the problem of corporate development,Be better to leverage the real economy of financial services。

Third, persist in making breaks,Realizing new breakthroughs in deepening the reform of state -owned enterprises。Accelerate the establishment of a modern enterprise system,Continue to improve the legal person governance structure,Layout classification Multi -mode Promote mixed ownership reform,Deepen labor、Personnel、allocate "three systems" reform,dafabet sports bettingBetter and cultivate high -end talents,Constantly improving innovation ability、Core competitiveness。Improve the process -penetrating state -owned assets supervision system mechanism,"One Enterprise and One Strategy" clearly clarify the term of office and annual assessment goals,Strengthen risk monitoring and early warning,Maximum prevention and control risk。

Fourth, we must be brave to move forward with top pressure,Provide new support in ensuring the stable and healthy development of the economy。Investment around、Consumption、Exit、Logistics "Four Pull" as an article,Adhere to "project as king",Plan to implement a number of leaders in key areas、iconic、Breakthrough major items,Efforts to form a new economic growth point。Strengthening asset -liability constraint management,Systematic prevention and resolution of business risks。

Five pay attention to strong root casting soul,New results in strengthening the party building of state -owned enterprises。Where to adhere to the integration of reorganization,Where can the party's construction follow up,Give full play to the direction of the party organization、Management、Leading role that promotes implementation,Integrate the party's leadership into the corporate legal person governance structure,Implement two -way entry、Cross -term system,The party building work, production and operation of the same deployment、Policy、Same assessment,Leading and guaranteeing the development of the "first priority" with party building "first responsibility"。All levels and departments must strengthen work support,Refined supporting measures,Provide high -quality services,Create a good environment for the development of the enterprise。

The Deputy Chief Governor of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Constantine dafabet app downloadLimatovsky, congratulated the AFC to Henan Zhongyu International Port Group and other enterprises in his speech to unveil the establishment,means that the AIIB will be based on good cooperation,Continuous play,In promoting green low -carbon development、Smart and digital transportation provides financing support,Help Henan high -quality development。

The person in charge of the newly established enterprise representative Yu Xin Electronic Technology Group Co., Ltd. made a speech。

Sun Shougang, Fei Dongbin, Chen Xing, He Jinping attended.

(Henan Daily client reporter Li Yan Feng Yun/Wen Dong Liang Cai Xunxiang/Figure)