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Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group and Xinyang City held a work docking meeting
Time: 2023-12-19 Source: Comprehensive Office

December 19,Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group and Xinyang City held a work docking meeting,Listen to the progress of cooperation,Promoting cooperation to further take a deeper implementation。Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Zhang Lixin,Cai Songtao, Secretary of the Xinyang dafabet sports bettingMunicipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and spoke。

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Zhang Lixin said,Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group has been established for more than a year,Carefully implement the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government's deployment requirements on the integration strategy of cultural tourism and cultural and creative integration,Promote various key tasks in overall plans,Brand influence continues to increase,Leading the leading role gradually enhances。Xinyang Cultural Tourism Industry Development has a background、With the foundation、There is an atmosphere、Support、Have potential。The cooperation between the two parties over the past year,Want to be together、Walking together、Do it together,Real results have been achieved in various tasks。On the new node,I hope the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages,Further condense development consensus,firm cooperation confidence,Tightly communicate,Broaden development ideas,Optimized system and mechanism,Strengthen team construction,Continuous deepening cooperation,Co -planning to implement a batch of prospects、Drive dafabet online sports bettingstrong、Sustainable cooperation project,Efforts to create a new product、New format、New scene,Constantly expand the popularity of Xinyang Cultural Tourism Industry、Influence,Personally contributed to the implementation of the provincial literary and traveler's literary and creative integration strategy。

Cai Songtao represents the Xinyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group for their support for the development of Xinyang。He said,For a year,The cooperation between Xinyang City and Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group shows a good development trend。I hope that the two parties will follow the established goals,High standard plan、A number of strategic cooperation projects are implemented at a high level,Comprehensively promoting the strategic cooperation upgrade of both parties。To be based on the current,Fite long -term,Acting around Jigongshan Scenic Area,Comprehensive improvement of infrastructure support,Increase new products、New business research and development,Carry out marketing planning at a high level,Create Jigongshan characteristic cultural tourism IP,Gathering flow、Strong support,Strive dafabet sports bettingto be able to continuously come out of color。I hope that Dabieshan Cultural Tourism Company will give full play to the platform of Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group、Fund and talent advantages,Accelerate the launch of a new business business card for cultural tourism、New benchmark,Driven Xinyang Cultural Travel Cultural and Creative Business to a new level、Get new results。

,Dabieshan Cultural Tourism Company reported the progress of the relevant work,Relevant units in Xinyang made a speech。

Group general manager、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Chairman Li Dawei,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Total Accountant Liang Shuang,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Zhong Zhiping,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhaomin,Zhang Xiaopeng, Assistant General Manager of the Group; Deputy Secretary of the Xinyang Municipal Party Committee、Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee、Secretary -General Yang Jin,Xinyang Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee、Propaganda Minister Qu Shangying and others attended the meeting。

(Text/Wu Yanhui)