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Shangchun Mountain、Muchun Yan、Lanchun scene! Henan released five tourist routes
Time: 2024-04-11 Source: Henan Province Culture and Tourism Department

April 9,"Shenzhou Spring" 2024 National Spring Tourism Promotional Promotion Activity was held in Luoyang, Henan Province,This activity is by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Resources Development Department、The Ministry of Culture and Tourism News Center、Henan Province Culture and Tourism Department、dafabet online sports bettingCo -sponsored by the People's Government of Luoyang City,Luoyang Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau hosted。

Shangchun Mountain、Muchun Yan、Spring Scenic,Full of view of Henan's spring theme tourism line products officially released,Henan launches mountains to play water、Blossom、Pin、Slow Travel Pastoral、Leisure Kangyang Route。

Come and follow these five lines,Take advantage of this spring "Walking Henan",Appreciate the beautiful scenery of the spring、Taste of "understand China"。

  Line 1

  Chunshan green water is all fun, and the secret realm finds Youyou

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Wind Sunrise,Yanyu Ying Cry,It comes in spring again,It's a year climbing。Quiet mountains,Royal Stream,Luster and shallot vegetation。Baiyun and Blue Sky complement the fun,The new green at its sight is full of enthusiastic vitality!

  Tour Mountain Play Water route:Xinyang Jigong Mountain -Nanwan Lake -Nanyang Old Ridge -Rose Expo Park -Luoyang Laojun Mountain -Baiyun Mountain -Jiaozuo Yundai Mountain

  Line 2

  It is when Fang Fei is rude, all the way flowers

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Spring Wind has a letter,Flower blooming is expected。Spring in Henan,Colorful and colorful,From south to north,From east to west,rapeseed、Peach Blossom、Sakura、apricot blossom、Peony Flower、Forsythia dafabet live casinoFlower、Paparia flowers and other blooming one after another,Full of Shaohua,Romantic and charming,The fragrance of spring permeated in the air。

  Flower Lower:Luoyang Park and Scenic Area · Peony Flower -Nanyang Dengzhou · Rapeseed Flower -Zhoukou Xihua Peach Blossom Ecological Scenic Area · Peach Blossom、Magnolia -Zhengzhou Lonely Baiyu · Cherry Blossom -Shangqiu Ningling Ecological Pear Garden · Lihua -Xinxiang Baoquan · Tulip -Xinmi Fuxi Mountain · Xinghua — Lu's Forsythia Flower —— Lancao Jiao Yulu Memorial Garden · Papo Tonghua

  Line 3

  Spring Breeze Jade Lu Run New Bud, enjoy green products

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March to April of each year is the best time to pick Xinyang Maojian。沏 a pot of spring tea,Sitting,Putting the most fresh sprouts of the branches merged into your own time、Life,Don't have fun。

  Pinpin route:Xinyang Tea Museum -Hejiazhai Camping Park -Zhou Xiao Tongfeng Teafang -Nanwan Lake -Jigong Mountain -Wenxin Tea Cultural Park

  Line 4

  Flowing embankment willow drunk spring smoke, slowly swim the countryside

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Chunya Nuan,垂。Cities left the hustle and bustle,Measure the stone diameter path with the steps,Facing harmony,Feel the beauty of the country。On the trip to the boat and car,You can also choose to stay comfortably and enter the dream,It can make dafabet app downloadthe entire trip easier and comfortable。

  Slow Traveling Rural route:Xinyang Tianpu Dajun -Hao Tang Village, Pingqiao District -Human House Han House -Sanhe Village, Song County — Luanchuan Chongdu Village — Sanmenxia Mountains and Rivers -Jiyuan Xiaoyou Tianshanju — Jiaozuo — Jiaozuo — Jiaozuo Yun on the Courtyard -Hebi Lingquan Miao Realm -Gaojiatai Village, Lingyan Town, Linzhou

  Line 5

  Spring to the world of all things, leisure and recuperation

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Season that is born with everything,Health is just at the time。In Nanyang,Walking in Zhongjing Health Town,You can immerse the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine and the uniqueness of "treating the disease"。You can also come to Chenjiagou, Wenxian, Jiaozuo, Holy Land in Tai Chi,Learn a half -type,Strong body fitness,Planting sentiment。

  Leisure Kangyang route:Nanyang Zhongjing Health Town —— Nanta Call of Five Mountain Kangyang Tourism Land -Luoyuan Yangyang Valley, Taowan Town, Luanchuan, Luoyang -Tai Chi Cultural Tourism Zone, Chenjiagou, Jiaozuo, Jiaozuo Yuntai Mountain Kangyang Tourism Base -Guo Liangkang Yangyang Tourism Base, Hui County, Xinxiang