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Happy Bao! Henan Province Zhongshi New Science Culture Industry Co., Ltd. was recognized by Henan Province's "Specialized New" enterprise
Time: 2024-05-07 Source: CCTV New Science Company

Recent,The Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology dafabet sports bettingannounced the list of identification of the special new SMEs in Henan Province in 2024,Henan Cultural and Tourism Investment Group's subsidiary company Henan Zhongshi Cultural Industry Co., Ltd.。This is another honor after dafabet live casinoChina Television New Science has won the title of "National Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise",It marks that CCTV New Science Company has been widely recognized by the industry in terms of scientific and technological innovation and market competitiveness。

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(Picture source: official website of the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology)

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"Specialized Special New" represents professionalization、Refined、Featured、Novelty development characteristics,Specialized new enterprises are key forces to promote economic innovation dafabet app downloadand high -quality development。dafabet live casinoChina Television New Science Company is in economic benefits、Professional level、Innovation ability and management and management shows the industry's leading outstanding image。

dafabet live casinoChina Television New Science Company is committed to integration of cultural creativity and technological innovation,Focus on the Smart Circuit of Wen Brigade,Use blockchain technology,Create the "Blockchain+Cultural Tourism Cultural and Creative Industry Intelligent Access Platform",Comprehensively develop Chinese cultural resources,New consumption scenarios to promote online and offline integration,Realizing the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy。

Next,dafabet live casinoChina Television New Science Company will deepen the large model of the application cultural tourism vertical category,Fusion artificial intelligence and big data technology,In -depth analysis of consumer behavior,Improve service accuracy and experience quality。This model will promote the in -depth development of cultural tourism resources as the company、Core tool for cultural heritage innovation and tourism experience upgrade,Help the intelligent dafabet app downloadand high -quality development of the cultural tourism industry。

Future,China TV New Science Company will adhere to the concept of "specialized new",Using technological innovation and digital transformation as engine,Optimize resource allocation and business structure,Enhance the core competitiveness。Relying on the country and Henan Province policy,Actively respond to the integration strategy of literary and cultural innovation,Plumb "Walking Henan · Reading China" brand,Provide a solid support for the strategic layout of Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group in the field of wisdom,Realize sustainable development and industry leaders。

(Text/Yang Mengting)