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Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group went to Jiaozuo Prison to carry out a clean government warning education
Time: 2024-05-09 Source: Party and Mass Work Department

For the solid development of party discipline learning,Further promote the majority of party members, cadres, and employees to learn the discipline of the discipline and Ming Ji Ji Ji,May 8,Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group organizes party members and cadres to Jiaozuo Prison to carry out a clean government warning dafabet app downloadeducation。dafabet sports bettingMember of the Group Class、Middle -level managers、The main person in charge of the employees and ownership companies of the headquarters participated in the event。


The group employee, under the guidance of prison managers, visited the dormitory and living area of ​​the prisoner in the dormitory and other regulatory places,True experience of the "high wall power grid" of the prisoner "high wall power grid"。The prisoners use the way of saying the way,Telling that they have lost their ideals and beliefs、Serious discipline and law、The painstick of the end of the trap,Their confession sounds tears、Sorry,A profound and vivid integrity warning education course for the party members and cadres of the group。

In the event,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Zhang Lixin emphasized,The majority of party members and cadres and staff of the group must learn from the case、Alarm bell long,Effectively build a dam that refuses to rot and prevent changes,Always be loyal and clean。First to improve political standing,Promoting party discipline learning and education deeply。Deeply understand the meaning of carrying out party discipline learning,Persist dafabet sports bettingin dafabet sports bettingdiscipline and strict in the law、Disciplinary enforcement enforcement,Adhere to the party spirit, party style and party discipline together,Continue to tighten the cage of party discipline and party rules,Let the iron discipline "long teeth" make power,Create a political ecology that is clear and clear,Forever the vitality of the party。Second, we must insist on promoting reform with the case,Effectively build a dam that refuses to rot and prevent changes。Take discipline learning as a compulsory course、Frequency Course,Original learning、Learn one by one,Accurately grasp the main purpose and requirements of the main purpose of "six disciplines",Really learning the "Regulations" to learn and learn in place,The process of learning the party discipline becomes a consciousness of enhanced discipline、The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit。Third, we must adhere to integration and mutual promotion,High -quality development with party discipline learning and education group。Pay attention to the combination of conversion,Combining the development of party discipline and education with the implementation of the major decision -making and deployment dafabet live casinoof dafabet sports bettingthe Party Central Committee,Combining the development strategy of the integration and development strategy of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government,,Combining the Group's key work goals and tasks,Transforming the results of party discipline learning and education into specific actions and actual results that promote the high -quality development of the group。

"Inside and outside the wall、The difference between the world ","I don't stretch my hand,Be sure to be caught with your hand "。Through this integrity warning education,Everyone has been shocked by a heart and thought,They have said: in the future work and life, we must truly be self -introspection、Self -police、Self -weight,Persist in ideals and beliefs without shaking,Establish a disciplined red line、Ideological warning line,Awe of heart、There is something to do,At all times, strictly request yourself with the standards of party members,Improving the ability to refuse corruption and prevent corruption; always achieve loyalty and clean responsibility,Make new and greater contributions to the creation of domestic first -class modern cultural tourism investment groups。

       (Text/Photography/Liu Chengzhi)