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Shaanxi Sports Group dafabet online sports bettingto Henan (Henan) Sports Group for research
Time: 2024-05-11 Source: Yu Jian (Henan) Sports Group

May 9,Member of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Tourism Group Co., Ltd.、Deputy General Manager He Dong,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd.、General Manager Gao Qinyin and his party went to Yujian (Henan) Sports Group for research。Member of the Party Committee of Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group、General Accountant、Yu Jian (Henan) Sports Group Chairman Liang Shuang attended the discussion。

Liang Shuang welcomed He Dong and his party,Briefly introduced the development of Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group and Yujian (Henan) Sports Group。He said,Shaanxi Tourism Group and Shaanxi Sports Group have rich experience in the development dafabet online live casinoof cultural tourism and physical fitness,This exchange discussion is a valuable learning opportunity。Future,I hope that the two parties can be in the cultural travel、Sports and extended industries to carry out in -depth exchanges and cooperation。

He Dong first expressed high affirmation of the work of Yujian (Henan) Sports Group since its establishment。He said,Shaanxi、Henan Tongben Tongyuan,I hope that in the future, the two parties can rely on the deep historical and cultural heritage and rich cultural tourism industry resources of Henan and Shaanxi,In -depth cooperation exchange,Carry out more substantial cooperation around "sports+tourism",jointly promoting the integration of high -quality dafabet online sports bettingdevelopment of the cultural tourism industry。

Deng Tao, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Sports Group and the responsible comrades of relevant departments accompanied the investigation。Yu Jian (Henan) Sports Group's financial director Liu Bin attended the discussion。