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Summary of Cultural Tourism Market in the May Holiday Holiday of Henan Province
Time: 2024-05-06 Source: Henan Province Culture and Tourism Department

2024 May 1 holiday,Henan Provincial Cultural and Tourism System Carefully implemented the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial government work deployment,The characteristics of the season of spring and summer and the needs of tourists during the May Day holiday,Optimized product supply,Strengthen management service,Basically realized "market prosperity、Good order、Safety and Stability "target。

May Day Holiday,Henan Province received a total of 61.681 million domestic tourists,Tourism revenue of 35.42 billion yuan; compared with the same period last year,The number of receptions increased 11.8%,Tourism income increased by 14.2%; according to comparable calibers,Compared with the same period of 2019,The number of receptions increased by 35.6%,Tourism income increases 23.0%。where,A total of 14.21.128 million tourists at the key scenic spot of 4A or above in the province,increased by 15.08%year -on -year from 2023; operating income of 1035.4843 million yuan,increased by 36.25%year -on -year from 2023。The top five scenic spots for receiving tourists are: Yinji International Tourism Resort、Qingming Shangheyuan、Yuntai Mountain、Long live mountain、Longmen Grottoes。The top five scenic spots in operating income are: Yinji International Tourism Resort、Yuntai Mountain、Zhengzhou Fangte Happy World、Qingming Shangheyuan、Only Henan · Drama Phantom City。

Museums at all levels of Henan Province、Public Library、Cultural Museum (including non -heritage exhibition halls in the cultural museum, etc.)、Art Museum、Township (Street) Comprehensive Cultural Station (center) entering the museum 3.385 million people,Hold online and offline Huimin Cultural Activities 6319,Watch online and offline watching and participating in 2.968 million people。

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  Marketing Digestion, City Cultural Tourism heat increases

Before the festival (April 25th to 29th), "Walking with Hui" team came to Yu,Go to Luoyang in succession、Zhengzhou、Anyang、Kaifeng for publicity of Henan Cultural Tourism,Henan Media's playback volume is 2.8 billion、Like more than 2 million likes,A better drainage effect,Zheng Xunluo and other places the popularity index of popularity increased rapidly,Luoyang City has become the city with the most net inflows in the country。Affected by radiation and joint effects,Xinxiang, Henan Province、Nanyang、Xuchang、Jiaozuo、Xinyang、Hebi、Shangqiu、Zhoukou and other urban heat simultaneous increase。

The popularity of the Wenbo venue is popular。All kinds of museums in the province opening people from the public、Order increases by 31%year -on -year,Luoyang Museum、The Sui and Tang Grand Canal dafabet sports bettingMuseum、Kaifeng Museum、Nanyang Museum and other holiday appointments are full,Luohe Jiahu、Sanmenxia Temple bottom groove、Luoyang Erlitou、Zhengzhou Shangdu Site Museum attracts many tourists inside and outside the province,Henan Museum average daily reception audience 15,000 people,On the first day of the holidays of Yinxu Museum, there are more than 19,000 audiences、Yinxu area receives 58,000 people。Various cultural relics sites category become popular during the holidays,Xuchang Three Kingdoms Cao Wei Hometown City、Royal Station of Zhumadian、Shangqiu Ancient City、Zhoukou Taihao Ling、Luohe Xu Shen Cultural Park、Puyang Qicheng Cultural Relics Scenic Area Visitors are close to saturation,Luoyang Longmen Grottoes、Qingming Shangheyuan、Nanyang Medical Hall of Medicine Posted Personnel Flowing Announcement。Zhengzhou City Holds the "Shanxi Two Week Boutique Cultural Heritage Exhibition" and "Archaeologists Lecture and Archaeological" series of activities,Let citizens enjoy the "Cultural Bo Dinner"。

The acting market is very active。May Day Holiday,Henan Province holds a concert、Concert、Stage drama、Talking Show and other various performances for nearly 20 games,Zhengzhou City is among the hot cities in domestic performances。Among them, the large -scale concerts of tens of thousands of audiences are "Meeting You in multiple universes" Su Youpeng Performing、"Love Miracle" Chinese Music Ceremony, etc.,attracted Shandong、Shanxi、Shaanxi、Hubei、Liaoning and other places came to come。Drama during holidays、Talk show performance is also sought after,The drama "Shicheng Strange Things" "Mask City",and the Broadway Science stage drama "Physics Show"、Happy Twist's stage drama "Jeon Friends"、Fairy Tale Drama "Snow White",The upper segment rate has reached 90%or more。Kaifeng Mountain Scenic Area "Wang Po said Media" holiday return,Many tourists specifically from Gansu、Jilin、Jiangsu and other places to come to the show。other,Kaifeng's Henan Drama "South Hua Jing"、Luoyang's "Typhoon Nostalgic Love" concert、Xinyang's Sound Theater series performing arts,Also received by the audience。Puyang International Acrobatic Cultural Industrial Park "Water Show" performers,Zhoukou Acrobatic Cultural Industrial Park "The Eagle -Flying -Flying Man",Attract Shandong、Jiangsu and other provinces and other provinces come to watch。

Night Tour Pulling Consumption Chain。Zhengzhou "Night Tour Songshan"、Luoyang "Eight o'clock in the ancient capital at 8 o'clock"、Kaifeng "Drum Tower Night Market"、Anyang's "Luohe Night Tour" brand effect is becoming increasingly displayed。Anyang launched the water real -life performing arts "Touring and Dayi Business"、Drone Performance Show,More than 100,000 tourists。Zhengzhou Fangte Happy World、Haichang Marine Travel Resort、Five -day night show in the movie town,Opening hours are extended to 9:30 pm。Kaifeng Qingming Shanghe Garden launched a large -scale night real -world performance "Yue Fei · Tancheng Big"、Fantasy Night Tour Project "The Eight Scenery of the Liang Liang of the Great Song · Luohe Lantern Shadow",Attract many tourists to participate。Xuchang around "Cao Weifeng、Three Kingdoms Love、Xu Changxing "theme,Plan "Many delicious、Many good things、Many fun "more than 10 night travel activities。Sanmenxiakou Gudong Town Hold the theme literature and art performance,Create a new highlight dafabet online sports bettingof the holiday and night economy。Jiaozuo City holds Enzhouyi Huaiqing Collection and Food Culture Festival,"Landscape Belt" that passes through the city becomes a prosperous "economic belt"。

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  Product drive, county tourism rises

Spring and Summer Front,Tourist psychology changes from "Live" to "Finding Cool",The tourism market from the city to the county、Gradually sink from the city to the hometown。Actively adapt to changes in the needs of tourists in Henan Province,Create suitable marketing -to -road products because of time,"Three Mountains" (Taihang Mountain、Full Mountain、Dabie Mountain) "Yizhi" (Yellow River) and other areas of Yishan and waters have become the first choice for tourists during the May Day holiday,Order in Henan Province Scenic Spot increased by 50%year -on -year,Yuntai Mountain、South Taihang、Red Flag Qu、Bai Yunshan、Laojun Mountain、嵖岈 Mountain、Ji Gongshan and other scenic spots are full。

Aquatic camping project gradually heat。Henan Holiday Holiday Overall is fine,Canyon Drifting、Cruise Tourism、Play Water Young and other projects are welcomed by tourists。Xixia River、Inner Township Baotianman Canyon、Luanchuan Grand Canyon、Song County Yihe、Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon、Lushan Yaoshan Grand Canyon、Lu's Western Henan Grand Canyon and other drifting projects start the annual first drift,Some tourists have increased by 200%compared to the same period last year。Shaanxi Swan Cruise、Jiyuan Yellow River Small Three Gorges Tourism Cruise、Xiuwu Qingtianhe Sightseeing Cruise、Xichuan Danjiang Sightseeing Cruise,The peak hours need to wait in line。Nanwan Lake、Boishan Lake and other scenic spots,Water Flying Man、Water motorcycle boat、Water trampoline、Water inflatable castle and other amusement projects attract many parent -child families experience。Camping between Guanshan Caoyun, Xinxiang Township、Xinxian Dabeshan Camping Park,Attract tourists from all over the country to blow mountain wind、Look at the Starry Sky、Enjoy wild fun。

Leisure picking activities are favored。May Day Holiday,It is the new tea listing、Cherry mature season,Packing "packaging" to attract tourists to go to。The 32nd Tea Culture Festival in Xinyang City released 6 major series of tourist routes such as "Shangchun Mountain", "Chunchun Tea" and "Enjoying Spring Taste",Launched the immersive "Maojian Market",Tourists in Che Yunshan、Wenxin Tea Village and other places、Tea、Drink tea、Dou Tea,Painted a Xinyang version of "only this green and green" picture。Zhengzhou Erqi District Cherry Gallout Scenic Area、Cherry Garden, Taishan Village, Xinzheng City、Yima City Yangouhe Big Cherry Garden、Zhaojia Cherry Garden, Fuling County、Boai County Cherry Ridge、Dunqiu Farm, Qingfeng County、Tongping County Cherry Glog and other places,It is a good place to pick and leisure during the holidays,A large number of tourists are here to collect cherries、Eat barbecue,Specifies a happy and fulfilling holiday。

Kangyang vacation products are popular。Henan Province's rural health tourism market ushered in peak season,Especially some boutique homestays near the mountains、The volume and price of tourist resort rises。New Secret、Guangshan、Tongbai、Xichuan、Lushan、Luanchuan、Lu's、Linzhou、Huixian、Qi County、Jiyuan、Song County、Ruzhou and other recreational resources enriched areas,The fastest way to make a holiday booking growth rate,B & B booking increases dafabet online live casinoby 68%year -on -year、Scenic area ticket orders increased by 151%year -on -year。Xinyang Jigongshan、Sanmenxia Swan Lake and Qixian Lingquan Miaojing、Dengfeng see the mountain residence、Her House, Hom House, Xinxian、Ruzhou Yunbao Qiaojing、Nanto Calling Wuluo Mountain Huba Homestay、Xiu Wuyun on the courtyard、Lingling Huadu Hot Spring、Yixian Yiming Book Home、New County Jinshan National Forest Park、Yuzhou Shenxian Ancient Town is difficult to find,The average occupancy rate of the province's level of homestays reaches 89%。

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  Delivery service, various guarantees are in place

This year's holiday,Visitors with self -driving tour、Home Tour、Multiple -day tour,Henan Province ’s overall travel order increased by 13%year -on -year。Cultural and tourism departments from various places based on this travel features,Strengthen planning guidance,Do a good job of service protection。

Tailoring of line products。Henan Provincial Culture and Tourism Department Holds the quality improvement training course of the tourist attraction resort in the Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism,Help the quality of tourism in Henan Province。Anyang created the new landmark of Chinese culture in Yinxu Oracle、The results of the new business card of the Central Plains Cultural Tourism were first displayed,From May 1st, 7th class from May 1st is from South Korea、Traveling machines in Australia and other places landed。Jiaozuo City launched 7 boutique tourist routes such as "Taihang Pearl · Landscape Gallery" and "Finding Root Taiji · Reading Yellow River"。Xinxiang、Xinyang、Pingdingshan、Puyang、Hebi、Wuhan、Jiyuan and other places,It is also closely planned to launch a two -day tour of the characteristics of season and holidays、Three -day tour boutique line。Data display,Beijing、Xi'an、Wuhan、Shanghai、Tianjin is the top five customers in Henan Province。

Holding activities Guide Consumption。Zhengzhou 9th Dreamland Animation Exhibition,Attract anime enthusiasts from all over the world。Luohe City is "Food Food Beauty in it" During the Cultural Month of the Chinese Food Expo,Hold the Dragon Boat Contest、Equestrian performance、Art Exhibition,Attract citizens out of the house。Puyang City Holds 2024 Zhang Cultural Festival and "Dragon's Chuanren You Dragon Capital" activity,Descendants of Zhang and abroad came to find the roots and worship ancestors。Nanyang City Second World Rose Expo Cultural and Creative Market,Attract many citizens and tourists to "catch up"。Jiaozuo City, "Going to the Media for Love" Wanhua City Collection Music Festival,Jiyuan City's "Xuanyuan Huangdi Sacrifice" large -scale performance and "May of the Wind · Wangwu Night" concert,Luohe City Shenzhou Bird Temple Giant Puppet Magic Drama and Princess White Snow Stage Drama,Become the main position of local holiday cultural tourism consumption。

Enhance the service with heart。Introducing measures to benefit the people throughout Henan Province,Provide humanized services。The operation time of some subway lines in Zhengzhou City is extended to 11:30 pm,Xuchang City fully carried out "cleaning action",Jiyuan City In -depth promotion of cultural travel、Agricultural Tourism Fusion Gathering the high -quality development of the tourism industry,Anyang City around traffic、Catering、Accommodation and other special promotion actions,Jiaozuo City Public Security、The traffic department strengthens guidance in the concentrated area dafabet sports bettingof ​​passenger flow,Tour guides (explanation) training,Luanchuan Laojun Mountain launched "One Mao Milk Tea" after "One yuan lunch"。Henan Provincial Cultural Museum at all levels insists on holding "Market Night School",Zhengzhou、Kaifeng、Pingdingshan、Hebi、Zhoukou and other places hold "pay tribute -the most glorious labor" mass culture performance,Sanmenxia Yellow River Dam、Shaanxi Dikengyuan Scenic Area、Lingbaohan Valley Pass against labor model、Moral Model and Youth May 4th Medal winner for free votes,Jiaozuo City Organization Tourism Column、Travel charter、Travel agencies of overseas teams give up to a maximum 100,000 yuan reward。

  Strictly prevent control, market order overall stable

The popularity of the holiday cultural tourism market continues to rise、Real reality of reservation in some cities and scenic spots,Corresponding responsibility at all levels,Highlight key prevention。

Strengthening coordinated supervision。Holding the special work of Henan Province to promote consumption security safety to promote TV conference call、The May 1st Holiday Market and Safety Production Work Conference of the Provincial Cultural Travel Industry,Members of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Department led 9 supervision components to the city to start tour supervision。Anyang、Pingdingshan、Shangqiu、Leaders of Jiaozuo and other places,Deep Scenic Area、Travel Agency、Internet cafe、Hotel、Training agency、Project construction site,Research and supervise the operation and production safety of the cultural tourism market。During the holidays,Henan Provincial Cultural Tourism Department inspected a total of 3549 culture and tourism business units,Check 606 hidden dangers。

Highlight key prevention and control。Following the fire safety of the cultural tourist site、Safety of large -scale cultural tourism activities、Travel cars and tourist cruise ship water and land traffic safety、Hot spots safety,For Laojun Mountain、Danctions issued a rectification notice,Luoyi Ancient City, which has a large booking volume、Longmen Grottoes、Qingming Shangheyuan、Long live mountain martial arts city、Silver -based Animal World, including 17 scenic spots, issued "Safety Work Tips"。Supervisory Huixian to mobilize manpower,Properly handle the problem of retention of tourists in Baoquan Scenic Area。

Timely responding to appeal。Som together with the Internet、Market Supervision and other departments,Dynamic monitoring、Properly dispose of tourist complaints and online public opinion。May Day Holiday,Acceptance and disposal of tourists complained from 122,Mainly reflects "traffic congestion", "tourist detention", "flow restrictions", "hotel price increase", "incomplete supporting facilities" and other issues,All accepted the assignment for the first time、Supervise rectification。