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Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group organizes safety production training,dafabet live casinoConsolidate the safety defense line
Time: 2024-05-13 Source: Asset Operation Management Department

According to the unified deployment of the group,In order to thoroughly implement the important instruction spirit of General Secretary Jinping on the disaster of Guangdong Meida High Speed, and the instructions of Premier Li Qiang,Deeply learn the lesson of fire accident in Henan University Auditorium,Strengthen the safety management and construction safety management of the group construction project,Improve the safety awareness and safety skills of engineering managers,Further consolidate the Group's security basis,Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group organized project construction safety training at all levels on May 9, 2024。

This training invites senior security expert Wang to give lectures,Content covers security dafabet live casinolaws and regulations、Engineering Safety Management Theory、Key difficulties and difficulties of safety management at the construction site,Experts analyze and combine the characteristics of the tourist attraction through the case,In -depth analysis of the causes of safety accidents、Process control focus and prevention measures。

Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhaomin participated in training,and put forward clear requirements for relevant units on production safety,Managers at all levels must effectively fulfill the responsibility of the main body of production safety,Pay attention to and strengthen safety management,Ensure that all safety production measures are implemented。

Through this training,Participants know from ideology、To theoretical dafabet online sports bettingknowledge、Management skills and other aspects have been improved。Next,Group will continue to strengthen production safety training and publicity and education,Provide safety production learning exchange platform,Continuously improve the safety production management system and emergency plan,Ensure the safe and stable development of the group。

      (Text/Liu Shengdi)