Henan Provincial Cultural Tourism Investment Group News Center Work dynamics

dafabet online sports bettingHenan Cultural Tourism Investment Group Operation Company、Yiluo Company、Jigongshan Scenic Area Company Carrying out Scenic Area Joint Learning Activities
Time: 2024-05-17 Source: Operation Company

On the afternoon of May 13,dafabet online sports bettingHenan Cultural Tourism Investment Group Operation Company、Yiluo Company and Jigongshan Scenic Area Company jointly organized the joint learning activities of Luoyang City Scenic Area。Relevant members of the operation company、Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area Team、Jigongshan Scenic Area team participated in the event。

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Under the support and coordination of Luoyang Cultural Tourism Investment Group,The learning team visited Longmen Grottoes、Mudan Pavilion、Ying Tianmen and other iconic cultural tourism projects,Carefully listen to the project dafabet online sports bettingintroduction、Operation Management、Investment investment and other situations,I have learned a new format for the development of scientific scenic spots and immersed cultural tourism integration。

During study,Jigongshan Scenic Area team and the Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area team shared the marketing of the scenic area、Operation Management、Channel construction、Academic practices in supporting services。

This trip to Luoyang,Let everyone see the new prospect of immersive cultural tourism development,Especially the immersive scene creation of immersive scenes under modern technology,Real -view interaction with the real NPC,fully show the powerful charm of the integration of cultural tourism。They said,We must actively apply this new type of cultural tourism model dafabet app downloadin the first -tier operation of the scenic area,Let more tourists feel the thickness of history and the charm of culture,Create a more vital cultural tourism project。

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      (Text/Photography/Hou Yingxue)