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Promote the high -quality development of tourism to a new level
Time: 2024-05-18 Source: Voice of Cultural Tourism

 Promoting the integration of cultural tourism,Rich market supply,Optimized travel service

​​Promote the high -quality development of tourism to a new level

Tourism is an important part of the modern service industry,Eating involved、Live、line、Tour、Buy、Entertainment and other industries,It has an important comprehensive driving role in the stable and healthy development of the economy。

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The cultural industry and the tourism industry are inseparable,Persist in Wen Plastic Travel、Journey to Changwen,Promote the development of cultural and tourism integration,Let people appreciate the beauty of culture in the beauty of nature、Treat the beauty of the soul。”

In recent years,my country's tourism industry enters high -quality development expressway。Set a ticket from a light mobile phone、Booking a hotel,Visit your face and enter the garden,Self -help voice explanation ... Early regions and departments actively implement new development concepts,Accelerate the structural reform of the supply side of the tourism industry,Promoting the deep integration of culture and tourism,Create a richer high -quality supply。Changes in the tourism market are changing daily,Gathering into the development of my country's tourism industry、Gorgeous picture of transformation and upgrading。

"Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" period,The value added of tourism and related industries accounts for GDP proportion to maintain a growth trend,The comprehensive contribution of the tourism industry to the national economy exceeds 10%。Since this year,The tourism industry presents speeding up recovery、A good trend of the improvement of quality improvement,Become a highlight of economic and social development。From the Spring Festival holiday to Qingming holiday to "May 1" holiday,The cultural tourism market continues to heat up。

 The comprehensive contribution of the tourism industry to the national economy continues to increase

"Bowl Banquet", "擂 百", "Fan Fun Fun" ...,Visitors line up to taste local food,Feel the "culture on the tip of the tongue"。"May 1st" holiday,Changde received 1.6483 million people,increased by 62.19%year -on -year; realized operating income of 1.457 billion yuan,42.01%year -on -year。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Tourism is a comprehensive industry,dafabet app downloadIt is an important driving force to drive economic development。”

As tourism gradually becomes more and more people's daily consumption,People are more pursuing personalization、Diversity、Cultural tourism products and convenient and thoughtful tourism services。Various departments in various regions focus on the comprehensive functions of the tourism industry,Constantly improving the modern tourism system,Promote the continuous expansion of the scale of tourism、The quality continues to improve、Comprehensive benefits are increasing。Two prosperous supply and demand for tourism、Xinxin Xiangsong,Fast growth rate in various places、Large market potential、Emerging industries with good development prospects。

The role of tourism consumption on expanding domestic demand is increasingly prominent。Travel consumption is the final consumption、Multi -level diversified consumption and sustainable consumption。There is a calculation display,1 yuan per income of the tourism industry drives the relevant industrial income of 4.3 yuan。Continuous release with the needs of tourism consumption、Continuous upgrade,The proportion of tourism consumption in the consumption expenditure of residents continues to increase,Tourism has become promoting consumption、Important areas of expanding domestic demand。

Tourism investment has become a hot spot for social investment。Cultural Tourism、Ecotourism、Sports Travel、Ice and Snow Travel ... The new travel format is booming。Data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,Since 2013,More than 8,000 new A -level scenic spots in my country,An average annual increase of 9.4%。Tourism has become an important area for pushing project investment。

Injecting new power into urban and rural development。See employment,The tourism industry has a large employment capacity、advantages with a wide range of coverage,Suitable for employment and entrepreneurship for different groups。Employment of the Tourist Scenic Area Multiplying effect,The number of direct employment in the National A -level tourist attraction of more than 1.6 million people,Drives more than 10 million people with comprehensive employment。

Go to the countryside to get close to nature、Experience Homestay、Taste food,The choice of travel for many consumers。In many places,Rural tourism has become a benefit project that drives farmers' employment income,Especially through "resource -changing assets、Fund changing stocks、Discovery Practice of Farmers Change shareholders,Formed a rural tourism development model with Chinese characteristics。

 The tourism industry has become an important carrier for inheriting and promoting Chinese culture

Misty,Pictures of Hani Thailand, Honghe, Yunnan,Waterfield、Green Tree、Red soil complexions,Attracts the guests from all directions; night falls,Swarn of tourists in the historical and cultural district of "Canal Memory" in Jining, Shandong,Various handicraft shops lined up one by one,Hot gas The fragrance of food fragrance,People stop and appreciate、Taste ...

General Secretary Xi dafabet live casinoJinping pointed out,"Let tourism be a sense of Chinese culture、The process of enhancing cultural self -confidence "" "Convert the natural scenery and humanistic style into the lasting charm of the tourism industry"。

All regions and departments insist on using the excellent traditional culture of China、Revolutionary Culture and Socialist Advanced Culture Bacon Casting Soul,Accelerate the development of deep integration of culture and tourism,Carefully create more reflecting cultural connotation、The characteristic culture and tourism products of the humanistic spirit。People realize Chinese culture during the travel process,Enhance cultural self -confidence。

New Space in Wisdom Traveling Wet Traveling in Huangshan West in Huangshan, Anhui,holographic dance show、Farming Interactive Experience、Digital autumn thousands of water curtains、Polymap Fountain and other interactive experience new scenes,Empowerment through technology、Deep integration of cultural tourism,Scenic Area provides tourists with a diverse play experience。

Recent,The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other departments launched the first batch of 42 national smart tourism immersive experience new spaces,Become a new hot spot for tourism consumption。According to preliminary statistics,"May 1st" holiday,National smart tourism immersive experience new space consumption increased by more than 120%compared with the same period last year,Total amount exceeds 220 million yuan,Consumer number exceeds 4.3 million。

The number of traditional cultural scenic spots continues to increase。The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Promote the activation and utilization of tourist attractions、Innovation display and representative of the rich culture,Traditional cultural scenic spots increased from 2064 in 2012 to more than 4,000 in 2023,An average annual increase of 8%。Zhejiang Liangzhu Site、Sichuan Sanxingdui site and other scenic spots,It is an important visit to the traceability of Chinese civilization; Great Wall、Long March、Grand Canal、Yellow River、Yangtze River National Cultural Park,Cultural Gallery, an important logo and inheritance of Chinese culture, reflects the prominent characteristics of Chinese civilization。Tourism Show the Beauty of Mountains and Rivers、Beauty of Culture,Become people's understanding of Chinese culture、An important way to enhance cultural self -confidence。

Beijing Daxing Airport、Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge、China Sky Eye ... A group of representative projects,Make travel becomes an important window for showing the achievements of the construction of the new era。165 national tourism and leisure blocks、142 national industrial tourism demonstration bases,People feel the city's modern beauty during the journey、Industrial Beauty、Technology beauty,The spread of the spread of advanced socialism。

A major memorial hall of the Communist Party of China、Xibaipo Memorial、Fujian Gutian Tourist Area ... Every holiday,Red Tourist Scenic Area will usher in the peak of reception,Visitors revisit red memory、Visit the revolutionary site、Listen to the red story,dafabet live casinoFeeling the family feelings。

The tourism industry plays a more positive role in strengthening foreign exchanges and cooperation and improving the soft power of the national culture。Coordinated and promoted the implementation of inbound tourism convenience measures、Actively conduct a tourist year for traveling with more than 30 countries、Co -construction of the "Belt and Road" countries and China tourism exchanges and cooperation are significantly increased ...、Important industries that promote opening to the outside world。Since this year,Accelerate recovery of immigration travel in my country,In the "two -way go" of Chinese and foreign tourists,Chinese culture and Chinese tourism further to the world。

  Give full play to the positive role of tourism for the people, the people, the people, and the people,

Entering the landmark building complex of the old street such as Haikou, Haikou, Haikou,Tourists from all over the country rubbing shoulders。Dance of a field、Non -Heritage Culture、Guo Chao Hanfu and other cruise activities will be held one after another,Show the charm of traditional culture to tourists。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Travel is a different country、Important channels for different cultural exchanges and mutual learning,It is the development of the economy、Effective means to increase employment,It is also an important industry that improves people's living standards。”

All regions and departments adhere to the people -centered development ideas,Prosperity and Develop Volkswagen Travel,By more popular、More inclusive、More convenient travel,Give full play to the positive role of tourism for the people, the people, the people, and the people,,Continuously enhance the people's sense of gain、Happiness sensation。

The popularity of tourism has continued to increase -with the continuous development of the market and the continuous upgrade of consumption,Tourism becomes a way of life、Learning method and growth method。Data display,2023 Domestic travel number 4.891 billion,increased by 2.361 billion year -on -year、increase 93.3%。Since this year,The willingness to travel in urban and rural residents continues to enhance,Travel consumption potential is continuously released,Travel selection is more personalized and diversified。

Effective improvement of tourism inclusive levels- "May 1st" holiday,All regions and departments organize rich tourism to benefit the people and the people,Let the development results of tourism benefit different ages、The masses in different regions。Free or open scenic spots are more and more。More than 90%of the museums nationwide open to the public for free,About 7,000 A -level tourist scenic spots to achieve the first ticket for free。The average ticket price of the National A -Class Tourist Scenic Area in 2013 was 31 yuan,Frequent to 23 yuan in 2022。

Continuous optimization of tourist convenience capabilities -mobile phone APP position marked 153,000 tourist toilets,Tourists' "difficult to find a toilet" problem is effectively solved; promoting the construction of the maternity room、Family toilet and other barrier -free tourism facilities,Difficulties dafabet online live casinoin the use of the use of digital facilities for the elderly,Provide convenient tour services for special groups; develop smart travel,Booking Accommodation、Air tickets and other services are more convenient,"Talking and walking" walks into the life of more people。

The quality of tourism services has steadily improved -to strengthen the construction of the rule of law in various regions and departments、Deepening the reform of the tourism field,Efforts to improve market cultivation and supervision level,Promote the modernization of the tourism market governance system and governance capabilities。

Further improvement of tourism laws and regulations,Based on the "Tourism Law of the People's Republic of China",Regulations、Regulations and judicial interpretation of tourism laws and regulations。The construction of the comprehensive law enforcement team is further strengthened,Provincial and county -level cultural market comprehensive law enforcement team integration is basically in place,The construction of the comprehensive law enforcement team is further strengthened。The level of tourism market management is further improved,Promote the full coverage of supervision business、Regulatory information Full track、Smart tourism supervision system dynamically adjusted by regulatory methods。Promote civilized tourism,In many scenic spots,Civilized tourism becomes a beautiful landscape。

Persist in Wen Plastic Travel、Journey to Changwen,Promote more wide range of culture and tourism、higher level depth fusion,Create more new scenes that people like to hear、New format、New mode,Realize the dynamic balance of supply and demand for tourism at a higher level of tourism,Promote the high -quality development of tourism to a new level,Bettering in tourism is helping economic and social development、Build a new development pattern、Improve people's quality of life、Enhanced the important role of people's spiritual power and other aspects。