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"Beijing Garden has a drama -Yu Shijian, a Yu Shijian of Yu Drama, settled in the media meeting and launching dafabet sports bettingceremony of Beijing Henan Building"
Time: 2024-05-20 Source: Comprehensive Office

May 16,"Beijing Garden has a play -Yu Shijian, a Yu Shijian of Yu opera, settled in the media meeting and launching dafabet sports bettingceremony of Beijing Henan Building"。At the launching ceremony,Deputy Secretary -General of Henan Provincial Government、Secretary of the Party Group of Beijing Office、Director,He Weizhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Henan Institutions in Beijing Welcome,Vice Chairman of the Chinese Drama Association、Vice Chairman of Henan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Federation、Li Shujian, chairman of the Henan Drama Association, introduced the relevant situation of the resident performance of the small theater in Beijing Henan Building,Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group、Chairman Zhang Lixin attended the relevant event and delivered a speech。

Henan is the main birthplace of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization,Chinese excellent traditional culture accumulation is very rich。In recent years,Henan is based on the main root of Huaxia civilization、National History Main pulse、The important status of the soul of the Chinese nation,Utilizing the rich historical and cultural dafabet live casinoresources,Vigorously promote the Central Plains Culture、Yellow River Culture is the creative transformation and innovative development of the Chinese excellent traditional culture,Injecting a strong spiritual force into the practice of modernization of Henan。As a local first drama species,Yu opera is an important symbol of the Yellow River civilization,It is also an important representative of Central Plains culture。January this year,Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group and Henan Lishujian Opera Art Center and others held a series of performances of "Yuyuan · Yu Opera · Yueyin" series of performances,officially opened the new model of the ancient Henan drama performed in the fashion Shanghai field。February this year,"Homeland" Henan Opera Li Shijian settled in the immersive resident performance of the small theater in Henan Art Center, officially opened。This,Yu opera immersive small theater performances launched in Beijing,It marks the three steps of the "Yuyuan (Shanghai) · Jingyuan (Beijing) · Home (Zhengzhou)" of Yu Draza.。The strategy aims to thoroughly study dafabet live casinoand implement Xi Jinping's cultural thought,firm cultural self -confidence,Promoting the development of excellent traditional culture,Fully called "Walking Henan · Reading China" brand。

This event was by the Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism、Henan Provincial People's Government in Beijing Office、Henan Provincial Literary Federation、Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group sponsored,Beijing Henan Building、Henan Drama Association、Henan Li Shujian Opera Art Center、Henan Broadcasting and Television Station Liyuan Channel、Henan Broadcasting and Television Mobile Opera Channel、Shanghai Shushu Industry Construction Gong Culture and Art Co., Ltd. and other units hosted。Starting from May 16,Henan drama immersive small theater resident performance created by Yu Shijian of Yu opera,officially settled in Beijing Henan Building,Since then, there will be 3 wonderful opera performances every month,presents a variety of darkened Yu opera "feast"。

(Text/Wu Yanhui)