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Henan Provincial Weitou Company participated in the winning film "Thank you for warming my World" on the nationwide premiere of iQiyi platform
Time: 2024-05-22 Source: Provincial Wendou Company


         May 21,Henan Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Provincial Wendou Company) invested film "Thank you for warm my world" on the nation's premiere of the nationwide premiere of Henan Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd.。

"Thank you for warming dafabet online sports bettingmy world" with a group of post -90s in the society,Facing the pressure of reality、Obstacles of dreaming,I still believe in the "true" of the same window friendship、"Goodness" of Hidden Friends' Love、"Beauty" for the future road。It is the inheritance and belief of the younger generation of "truth, goodness and beauty",Under the intricate grass snake ash line,They finally fade away the lead Hua,Phoenix Nirvana。This film is a pursuit of youth,I am explaining youth and pain、Under the tragic color shell of growth and sadness,Pass the "post -wave" power of this generation of ordinary heroes as theme,Deeply expressing the importance of emotional bonds between people and the importance of warmth,Retelling the meaning and value of life when it moves the audience。

"Thank you for warming my world" by the Provincial Weng Investment Company and the national mainstream media and the industry's outstanding cultural media companies in Henan Daily Newspaper Group to jointly invest、Produced,As a pure Henan movie,The main creators are composed of Henan filmmakers,shows the pursuit and style of Henan's film and television industry。Since the film has been dafabet online sports bettingshot,Get high attention and strong support from experts in industries such as Shanghai Film Association Ren Zhonglun and other industries。

As of now,"Thank you for warming my world" won the three prizes such as the "Best Screenwriter" "Best Screenwriter", "Best Photography", "Best Actor", "Best Actress", etc.,The third Hong Kong International Youth Film Exhibition "Excellent Director Award",At the same time, the 6th Five continents International Film Festival、Eleventh Guandao International Film Festival、Fourth Boden International Film Festival、The 6th China -Canada International Film Festival、The 17th Sino -US International Film Festival、The main competition unit of the 13th Macau International Film Festival,Famous shortlisted Pingyao International Film Exhibition "Tibetan Dragon" unit,Word of mouth is good all the way,Getting good social benefits。

Henan as an important source of Central Plains culture,For Yu opera movies、Kung Fu movie、Village movie、mythical legends movies and other types、Different types of Chinese movies provide a steady stream of creative resources,provides an important internal cultural support for many types of Chinese movies,It also exported a large number of talents dafabet app downloadfor Chinese movies。The movie "Thank you for warming my world" is the support policy of the film and television industry of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Publicity Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee,​​It is also an important result of actively exploring the road of innovation and development of Henan's film industry,In order to enhance Henan's cultural influence, it shows the responsibility of cultural tourism、Contributed to the power of cultural tourism。

Henan's film industry still has huge development space。Future,Provincial Wendou Company will continue to implement the integration strategy of provincial literature and travelers,Shouzheng Innovation、Keep pioneering,Attentive、Love、Hard work to create a batch of film and television culture of "winning" and "barking",Tell Henan Story with Boutique Masterpieces、Chinese Story,Constantly improving the soft power of the Central Plains Culture,Shape "Walking Henan · Reading China" brand system,"Poetry and Far" for creating a film and television cultural industry。

(Text/Niu Di)