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Strictly obey the party's political discipline and organizational discipline
Time: 2024-05-27 Source: Party and Mass Work Department

May 27, 2024,Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Focusing on "Political Discipline、Organizational Discipline "holds centralized learning discussions。​​The Party Committee Secretary of the Group、Chairman dafabet online sports bettingZhang Lixin presided over the meeting and spoke。

The meeting focused on the important ideas of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the party's self -revolution and the newly revised "Regulations on the Communist Party of China".、Chapter VII "Disposure to Violation of Organizational Disciplinary Behavior。General Manager of the Group、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Chairman Li Dawei,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Zhong Zhiping、Zhang Zhaomin three comrades around the learning content,Combined with the actual work,Keeping speech on the key exchange。Members of other party committees make written communication speeches。

Zhang Lixin emphasized,First, we must strictly adhere to political discipline and political rules,Consciously maintaining the unity of the party。Political discipline is the most important、Most fundamental、The most critical discipline。Party organizations and leading cadres at all levels of the group must firmly establish the overall concept and global consciousness,Correct treatment guarantee dafabet sports bettingcentral government、The relationship between the provincial party committee and the relationship between the work based on actual creativity,Any work deployment with its own characteristics must be based on the implementation of the central spirit and the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee,Under any circumstances, the political belief must be unchanged、Political standpoint、Political direction is not biased。Second, strengthen the organizational concept、Strictly obey organizational discipline,Enhance the cohesion and combat power of the party。Each party member and cadre of the group,Regardless of the length of party age、Job high,All must strengthen organizational consciousness、Organization concept,Keep in mind that you are a party member,is a member of the group,Effectively abide by democratic centralized system、All organizations such as the organizational life system in the party,Strictly implement organizational discipline,Do not forget your deserved obligations and responsibilities at all times,Consciously dafabet app downloadaccept organizational arrangements and disciplinary constraints,Contribute to the Group's high -quality development contribution。Third, we must reflect the discipline of political discipline and discipline to the reality。Execution of political discipline and organizational discipline,Under any circumstances, "let go"、"loosening"。Test the political discipline of the party organization、Organizational discipline is strong,Mainly depending on how the key work is implemented。Party organizations at all levels of the group and the majority of party members and cadres must continue to press hard,The key problem that affects the rapid and high -quality development of the group as soon as possible,Accelerate the implementation of various key tasks,Strive to complete the annual target task at high quality and efficiency。

Group members of the Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group participated in centralized discussions,Some middle -level managers attended。

(Text/Wang Lingxia)