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"Seeking" magazine published the important article of General Secretary Xi Jinping "Development of new productivity is the inherent requirements and important focus of promoting dafabet online sports bettinghigh -quality development"
Time: 2024-05-31 Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 31. The 11th issue of "Seeking" magazine published on June 1 will publish the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee、National President、An important article by Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, "Development of new quality and productivity is the inherent requirements and important focus of promoting dafabet online sports bettinghigh -quality development"。

Article emphasizes,Since the new era,The Party Central Committee makes a series of major decision -making deployments,Promoting dafabet online sports bettinghigh -quality development into the consensus and conscious actions of the whole society,High -quality development into the main theme。At the same time,A large number of constraints of high -quality development factors also exist,Pay attention to,Holly solved。We must keep in mind that high -quality development is the hard path of the new era,Full、Accurate、Comprehensively implement the new development concept,Topping the construction of a modern economic system、Promote high -level technology self -reliance、Accelerate the construction of a new development pattern、Coordinated to promote deep reforms and high levels of openness、Strategic tasks such as high -quality development and high -level safety are in place,Improve the assessment and evaluation system that promotes high -quality development,Play the basis for promoting high -quality development。

Article pointed out,Development new quality productivity is the inherent requirements and important efforts to promote dafabet online sports bettinghigh -quality development。I propose the concept of new productivity and the major task of developing new productivity,The main consideration is: productivity is the fundamental motivation of the development of human society,It is also the ultimate cause of all social changes and political changes。High -quality development requires new productivity theory to guide,and the new quality productivity has formed and showed a strong driving force for high -quality dafabet app downloaddevelopment、Supporting force,Need to summarize theoretically、Summary,Used to guide new development practice。Generally speaking,New productive productivity is the dominant role of innovation,Get rid of traditional economic growth methods、Productivity development path,Have high -tech、Efficient energy、High -quality features,Advanced productive forces that conform to the new development concept。It breaks through the technological revolutionary breakthrough、Innovative configuration of production factors、In -depth transformation and upgrading of the industry and give birth,Labor、Labor Information、Labor objects and their optimized combinations jump into the basic connotation,Significantly increased the productivity of the whole factor as the core logo,Features is innovation,The key lies in quality,essentially advanced productivity。

Article pointed out,The significant feature of new productivity is innovation,Innovation in both the level of technology and business mode,It also includes innovation at the level of management and institutional level。You must continue to do a good job of innovation.,Promoting new productivity to accelerate development。First,Vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation。New productive productivity is mainly formed by the technological revolutionary breakthrough。Scientific and technological dafabet live casinoinnovation can give birth to new industries、New mode、New kinetic energy,is the core element of developing new productive forces。This requires us to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, especially original、Undverted technology innovation,Accelerate the realization of high -level technology self -reliance。2,Promote industrial innovation with technological innovation。The transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity,The form of expression is a new industry、Promote the depth of the industry's in -depth transformation and upgrade。It is necessary to apply scientific and technological innovation results to the specific industry and industrial chain in time,Transformation and improvement of traditional industries,Cultivate and expand emerging industries,Layout to build future industries,Improve the modern industrial system。Third,Focus on promoting the innovation of development mode。Green development is the background of dafabet online sports bettinghigh -quality development,New quality productivity itself is green productivity。It must be accelerated with the development method of green transformation,Help Carbon Dafeng Carbon neutralization。Fourth,Solidly promote the innovation of institutional mechanism。Production relationships must be compatible with the requirements of productive forces。Develop new quality productive forces,We must further deepen the reform,Forms a new type of production dafabet online live casinorelationship that is compatible with it。Fifth,Deepen the talent work mechanism innovation。It is necessary to follow the requirements of new productivity,Changtong Education、Technology、The benign cycle of talent,Improve talent training、Introduction、Use、Reasonable flowing working mechanism。