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"Beautiful Life · Civil Code Companion" -Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group "Civil Code Publicity Month" activity
Time: 2024-05-26 Source: Audit Department of Risk Control Law

The promulgation and implementation of the "Civil Code",It marks the new steps of the rule of law in my country,It is a people -centered、Basic laws that protect dafabet online sports bettingpeople's civil rights in all aspects,For the modernization of the national governance system、It is significant to safeguard people's rights and interests in accordance with the law。

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May 2024 is the fourth "Civil Code Promotion Month"。In order to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Jinping's "the best business environment for the rule of law is the best business environment",Promote the implementation of the "Eighth Five -Year" law plan for comprehensive implementation,Promoting the Law of the Group's employees,Create a strong atmosphere of the use of learning methods,Henan Cultural Tourism Investment Group organized the "Civil Code Publicity Month" with the theme of "Beautiful Life · Civil Code"。

The films selected by the movie watching activities are the second episode of the documentary "The Code of the People" "The People -oriented",This film uses real cases as the entry point,Surrounding high -altitude parabolic、Personal information security、usury、Protection of civil rights、Resolve civil disputes and other aspects,profoundly interpreted the idea of dafabet live casino​​adhering to the people -centered rule of law,Let the majority of employees come to the people's codes to respond to the people's rights demands for the people's rights。

Publicity lectures were partners of Henan Wenfeng Law Firm、Deputy Director Chen Hui, deputy director of the investment and financing business department, conducted in -depth interpretation of the relevant provisions of the Civil Code Guarantee System,and the actual work of the group,Focus on interpreting the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Financing and Management of Central Enterprises" (State -owned Enterprise Evaluation Regulations [2021] No. 75) and "Interim Measures for the Management Management Management of Henan Provincial Enterprise of the Henan Provincial Provincial Enterprise of Henan Provincial People's Government" (Yu Guozi [2006] No. 124) and other files。Colleagues participating in the lecture actively ask questions,Develop in -depth exchanges with Lawyer Chen Hui,Jointly explore the application and challenges of the guarantee system in actual work。Through this "online+offline" dafabet sports bettingspecial lecture,The majority of employees have not only deepened the understanding of the guarantee system in the Civil Code,It also improved its own legal literacy and professional level。

This series of civil code publicity and education activities,deepened the group's employees' understanding of the "Civil Code",Enhanced the concept of the rule of law of the majority of employees,The ability to improve the majority of employees using the civil code to maintain their rights and interests,Created the Zun Law、Learning Fa、Law、A good atmosphere of the rule of law。Next,The Group will continue to carry out the publicity work of laws and regulations such as the Civil Code and other laws and regulations,Constantly innovate the form of law popularization,Create a good atmosphere of the rule of law for the group's high -quality development。

      (Text/Photography/Dong Yuxin)